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    Oct 27, 2016
    I'm just getting started with chickens, but want to raise dual-purpose birds I have bovans on order right now, but I don't know how good they will be for meat. If they don't work out, I'd change for RIR as soon as I can find a supplier...

    Basically I have a 9x12 coop, and 2 brooders that are 2'x6', and I would like your ideas on a good (at least initial) setup for the coop to seperate ages. Any walls seperating pens would be movable so that I can easily restructure as necessary. How would you divide this area up?

    I know it's not overly large, and eventually, I'll probably move birds to another barn when I need the space, but for now I want to try to contain my poultry farm to my shed, Thanks for any ideas.

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    Welcome to BYC!

    Not sure why you have/need 2 brooders.
    Knowing more about your goals and maybe a drawing or pics of your shed might help us come up with suggestions.

    I designed a separate space into my coop, 2 people doors and a temporary wood/wire wall to split off a 4x6 space out of the 6x16 coop for raising chicks or isolation of birds for other reasons. It's worked out really well, tho I wish that space was a bit bigger as it can be hard for me to move around in.

    See My Coop page for some details.

    And this is how I use that space to integrate chicks each year:
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    I'm going through this same thing right now. I'm in the initial stages of building a new 8ft x14ft coop, and I want to be sure I've decided on an interior layout before I place the windows and doors. The entire structure will actually be 16 feet long, but I'm building a wall to portion off 3 feet of one end to use as a garden shed. The garden shed would be completely walled off from the coop, and accessed via it's own door. I would like to be able to house roughly Here's what else I'd like to incorporate:
    -Two stacked brooders (they would do double duty as chicken isolators in case one is sick, injured, etc. and it would be nice for those occasions when I have a difference in age in the chicks.)
    -Roosts with removable poop boards
    -Nesting boxes
    -Two breeding boxes
    -Water station. Food station is in the run.

    The current plan is to have an attached 200sqft run, but normally we have ten acres they can have access to. I want to free range summer, fall, and winter , but spring seems to be the time of year when the fox does her hunting, so they can't leave the run. Once I figure out how to upload the pics of my (very poorly) drawn preliminary sketches, I will.

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