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  1. My eggs went into the 'bator Monday, July 12th. Expected hatch date Monday, Aug 2. Sunday 8/1 (one day early) two bitties hatched..........YEA!!!!....Monday 8/2 one more hatched and another pipped and started unzipping. Little Pip/unzip didn't do ANYTHING until just now!!!

    I had decided it was time to call it quits and was taking the 'didn't do eggs' out of the 'bator and as I picked up little Pip/unzip he/she started to peep and I could see the beak coming out of the shell.
    Here I'd been thinking for 2 days the little one was lost........and now it seems it's back from the beyond.
    I'm new at hatching my own, is this an expected event or unusual?!?!?
    Thank you BYC members for helping us newbies!!!
    Chris : )
  2. slackwater

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    Feb 1, 2010
    I think most people leave eggs for 3-4 days after the expected hatch date to allow late bloomers to hatch!
  3. Delta3013

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    Harker Heights, TX
    The peeps will sometimes sleep and rest to build up energy to hatch(zip/pip).Also, I ALWAYS give the eggs an extra week just in case For the late ones.

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