Lazy, day sleeping, standing or sitting in one position, not eating and drinking

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  1. agriz

    agriz Hatching

    May 10, 2016
    Chicken is very lazy.
    It is standing somewhere like thinking something.
    Not interested in eating grains, starter or anything what other chickens eat
    Most of the time day sleeping.
    Not making any sounds.

    I bought it actually 3 months back.
    No growth at all.

    Other chickens are laying eggs. The rooster which i bought along with this chicken has grown extremely well.

    If i put some insects like cockroach, it runs and eats it.
    After eating, standing in the same position like thinking something.

    When a rooster tries to mate with it, it is not making noise or making any single move. Just sits in the same position.

    It is behaving like this in the last two to three weeks.
    What could be the problem. Please advice.

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