Le Sigh, My chicken coop has a roof leak!

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11 Years
May 23, 2008
Peterborough, ON
Its raining like mad and I went to check to see if there were any late layers and lock the coop door and there it was, plip plop plip plop and I searched for the leak and found it. I thought for sure it'd be by the middle of the coop because for whatever reason it's always wet there (whether its the girls throwing water everywhere, or my brother spilling when he fills the waterer, or water seeping through the 100 year old foundation) but no, it was at the back by the end of the nest boxes. I suppose in the last wind storm one of the roofing nails could have been pulled out and left a hole...the roof is the one that was put on 20+ years ago, great metal roof but it was done with metal roofing nails, so I'll have to get up there somehow, caulk and patch up the hole before the EE's go in the coop soon.

SO frustrating cause I still have other stuff waiting to get done and this is just adding to the list.

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