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    Jul 28, 2010
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    I have seen some fine lean-to style coops on this site. The ones I have liked the best have not been placed in the "Coop Design" section. They have just sorta shown up in some discussions. I have searched and searched and searched and am not having any luck 're-finding' those coops. I'd like to show them to my husband so he can see what I want in a coop design. Could you folks with Lean-to coops post pictures PLEASE!!! I have 'searched' and I have looked at member pages till I am blue in the face.

    I particularly like the lean-tos that have the human door in the long side and not the up or down slant side (which is usually shorter than the long side). Someone had a design where the roof pitched up in the back, not in the front and the human door was on the short side.

    Anyway..... any postings will be appreciated!!

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