Learned to respect the crow this morning!

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    This is our first year raising chickens, we have bantams that were straight run and of course ended up with four cockerels. They have a covered run and coop, but free range in the evening time. We're going to give away all but one or two but haven't yet. Last night I went to pick up my son from football practice, and came home and our Nankin bantam, Mohawk, was missing. We searched everywhere but couldn't find any sign of him. Of course Moe was the favorite, my 8 yo cried himself to sleep last night.

    This morning I went to open the coop and let them into the run, and afterwards I took another glance around the yard and back into the woods. We have a five foot fence for our backyard and woods directly behind it. Our other boys started their morning routine, and as I turned to walk back inside I thought I heard something. I went ahead and open up the run and our other three boys immediately ran to the fence and started continuously crowing, there's a definite pecking order of crowing and Mohawk is the second in line. Sure enough, I could hear him talking back to his buddies off in the distance! I ran to get my husband out of bed, he said I was crazy, lol. At first he didn't hear him, then he was convinced it wasn't Mohawk, but I know my boys crow! At 6:45 this morning he trekked through the woods and our other boys continued to talk to him till my husband found him! He was roosting on an old ladder by a dry creek bed. So happy he's back, and so glad I hadn't yet gotten rid of any of our boys. Being bantams, they all fly well and some can perch on our fence, but typically won't fly out. Mohawk must've flown out last night and wandered too far. My 8 yo was so very excited when he woke up this morning!
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    [​IMG]Time to trim some flight feathers!
    Glad Mohawk is safe and sound.
    I can only imagine the huge smile on your son's face!
    Great news!

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