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Jan 14, 2017
Fay, OK
We are trying to get our little homestead going. Got our trailer moved up there and most of the stuff done but still waiting on power lines to be run so we are doing things the old fashioned way for the most part lol I was a sucker at TSC April 27th and picked up these guys for $1 each, the last 6 they had. I have no idea what kind of ducks they are, how old they are exactly (but I was figuring they were a couple of weeks old when I got them since they were on clearance), etc and feel like a complete novice with ducks! If anyone has guesses as to their breed or age that would be most welcome. The first pic is the day I got them on April 27, then the second one was about 2 weeks ago. Next post with pictures was just a few days ago.

We worked all weekend on "Quacker Cottage" and still didn't get done but it's getting close. For now they are in a temporary crate inside a protected trailer that has high side walls and a super heavy gate that has metal grid work on it. We have a day pen we put them out in so they can forage and play in a water tub for a little while. They have grown so fast it's crazy!

So, my question is on our duck pen we have been building. We did a modified hoop coop kind of thing using some 2x4 welded wire fencing we had on hand and pressure treated 2x4s. The enclosure is 8x16' with a kiddie pool in one corner, buried to ground level. We dug a trench about 8-12" down around the perimeter and buried the fencing. I know that the openings are probably too big and I need to supplement the bottom half or so with something else to deter predators (mostly coyote, raptor, skunk and raccoon). I still have lots of that fencing. If I run another length around the bottom and offset it to make the openings smaller would this be sufficient or do I need to do hardware cloth? Funds are tight so I'm trying to do what is best for them but still affordable for us. Thanks!


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raccoons will happily reach through that 2x4 welded wire fencing and pull a duck out, bit by bit if needed.
It is very likely the ducks would decide to sleep up against the edge of the coop and critters can reach in.
You want something along the bottom that raccoon arms can't reach through. I'm not sure adding more 2x4 fencing will make the holes small enough to prevent that.

Look for free pallets and use the pallet wood to secure the bottom couple of feet.

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