Learning as I go!


6 Years
Apr 28, 2013
Halfmoon, NY
I'm a total novice, but we're having tons of fun. We moved our 6 week old pullets into their new coop last night. Although I'm a little nervous about the unpredictable upstate NY spring weather, they seemed to thrive through the night and love their new space and extra perches! Holding my breathe that the weather stays warm :/

We'll see!
Greetings from Kansas, ksendro, and
! Pleased to have you aboard! Getting the chickens to the coop is always a good feeling! Best wishes!
If you are worried about the weather, you can always use a broody light (securely fastened) and hung so it only warms part of the coop. That way chicks can move under it or away from it depending on their comfort Zone.
Thanks all! Helpful ideas and what a warm welcome! The girls are all doing great, and the weather is only getting warmer. Happy spring has finally hit upstate NY!

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