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Help please-- how do you train pullers to use the coop ladder to go into the coop at night? I have the garden coop and my chicks are almost 6 weeks old. Just moved them to the coop this weekend. I live in Vegas so weather is good. But want them to learn to go up in coop to stay warm. This is my first flock. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks!
They'll figure it out, don't worry. You can put them on the ladder once in a while so they get used to it, but I don't think it'll take them long. I also wouldn't worry about them not being warm at night. I just checked Accuweather to see what the temps are there right now and I am envious!! My flock is in an open hoop coop (there is a tarp over the top all year to keep them dry when it rains and I just last week put plastic over one end to keep the wind out for the winter) and our temps here in Vermont are starting to get down into the high 20's, low 30's at night.
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Thanks for this... I hope they learn it. I feel sorry for them at night. They all huddle together in a corner of the run.
They will huddle and sleep in piles, even if warm... just a normal baby/chick thing for safety :)

I agree though- they will figure it out.

If you want to speed them up, just physically put them in there at dusk for a few nights. If they feel safer in there they will be more inclined to figure out how to get up there again.

A few weeks ago I had a group of 5 weeks out in a run in an XL dog crate to socialize with the big girls. The crate had the door propped open big enough for the chicks to get out, but so that the others couldn't get in (as a no-harassment zone & to keep the big girls away from novel food :p). For two nights I went outside and moved the chicks to the coop at night. On the third night they figured it out for themselves. They've been self-sufficient ever since :)
If that fails... putting some greens and LED taplights in there before they start to find a roost for the night may encourage them to figure it out. If I know there may be a storm rolling in I usually just put a LED lamp out in the coop. If there's a light in there everyone will come indoors to roost. Just have to remember to turn it off so that they will go to sleep :)

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