Least Expensive Containment "Fence" for Large Area?

Ted Brown

Dec 12, 2018
near Shawville Quebec Canada
My Coop
I started out keeping my flock in an enclosed coop and run. After dealing with feather plucking I concluded that they were stressed and needed more space. I decided to free range them (I have about 2 acres and am in a rural area). The feather plucking has decreased (I now believe that it was done by my ISAs and am eliminating them from the group, moving to heritage breeds only) overall the birds are much happier.

Today a group of birds with my rooster went to a neighbours yard he went orangutan, threatened the birds and told me to keep them off his property. Much could be said but bottom line is I will have to contain them within my property preferably while letting them range in as large an area as possible.

I have electrical fence that could be extended to thousands of feet (I bought HOT) and thus far have had no issues with predators either within the coop nor when free ranging. So, my goal is to create a fence that will contain the birds but not withstand predator intrusions, if I get land based one I will extend the efence, if I get aerial ones I will rethink free ranging and expand my covered runs (I have a good tree canopy so hoping this will not happen).

What is the least expensive materials to erect a chicken containment system?

Thanks all!

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