Least Flighty White Egg Layers?


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What are the most sedate and non-flighty of the white egg breeds?

I've always thought that backyard chickens meant brown eggs but I'm wondering if I'm not giving the white egg layers a proper chance.

I have to have relatively calm, non-flighty chickens because I have a small backyard and I'll have to move them from run to temporary pen and back regularly so they can go on garden duty.
Stilt Legged Modern Bantams. Wonderful feather color choices. Very friendly and "hold-able". Lays a good sized egg for their body weight but still smaller than a full size chicken. Great on feed. They will forage for most of their own food if they are permitted. Eat out of your hand and fly up on your lap. White eggs. They don't take up much space either. Love their look as well.

This is all just one mans opinion.

Wish you the best.
Thank you, but I'm looking for full-size birds, not bantams.

I've picked out 4-5 of the brown egg layers that I like but I wanted to find out if I was short-changing any of the white layers with my assumption that they were all hyper and ready to fly off at a moment's notice. :)
I have 3 brown leghorns currently and they are the great layers. I have had many brown and white leghorns in the past. Great white egg layers. However all of mine are stand-offish and spastic. Some on this forum have stated that their leghorns are friendly and even like to be held. This has never happened to me with any leghorn, but maybe you could take a chance on ONE and see.
My white leg horns are very sweet & not flighty. Hand raised - great egg layers. They have good personalities :)


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