Leaving eggs at Room Temp in warmer climates


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Jul 5, 2014
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I'm really curious, For those of you that leave your eggs at room temp:

What is the temp of your house during the warmer months and how long do you let them stay there?

For the sake of our electric bill, we keep our house about 77-78 in the daytime and closer to 80-81 at night in the summer time and 68 in the winter time.

So I was worried that that would be too warm for room temp on a regular basis and I should just keep in fridge for warmer months. Is that being too paranoid?? My cousin keeps hers on the counter year round, but her A/C is rarely above 77.

So what do you feel comfortable with??

Thank for your input and advice!!
I keep mine on the counter year round. We don't have central air, just a swamp cooler. In the summer the kitchen's often in the mid-high 80s

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