leaving my babies


8 Years
Apr 22, 2011
need advice, we are leaving on a trip tomorrow for 4 days. my chicks are only 5 weeks old. they are in my bathroom too big for their thing they were in. i have 3 bigger chickens outside in coop but they are mean too the little ones. i dont want to put them out in the pen and section it off. i am afraid something might happen while we are gone. so again i say they are in my bathroom my sister said she would come once a day to feed them and clean the mess. and i mean there will prob be a big mess. do yall think they will be ok left inside? i didnt start taking them outside til about 2 or 3 weeks ago. please help me with this delima my husband is sick of hearing bout it.
If it were me I would leave them in the bathroom. There is no way I would chance something happening to them while u r gone if they aren't already out in the coop. Is there any way u can block off a part of the bathroom so that the mess isn't as bad? Can ur sister come like 2x a day? That would really cut down on the mess. Have they outgrown their brooder? Do u have some type of dog box or crate u could put in the bathroom temporarily? Just some suggestions.
thanks for the suggestions. we got back yeaterday and they were fine. they spent their first night outside last night. they were fine after they settled down. glad they are out but sad they are out

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