Leg band Questions


12 Years
Nov 14, 2007
Eaton, Ohio
Where is the best place to get leg bands for 4H meat pen birds?
And what size should you get?
Do you put them on when they are little? or wait for a couple weeks?
Thanks so much,
apparently it is a requirement at our fair, (we get this stuff sprung on us at the last moment instead of having a sheet with all the requirements) so when we write down what birds what kids are showing the numbers match. It is our first year with the meat pen so Im not sure why they do it? So people don't switch birds? use the same birds in different classes? different kids?
I wondered what happens if we pick some and then the ones we pick die or don't end up looking comparable?
They are supposed to pick two that are the same in size and look alike, lol!
They all look alike to me

We just need the bands with numbers on them so we can write the numbers down on the sheet they sign up for their classes.
I am only assuming as of right now that we can wait until the birds grow up some and maybe just give each kids numbers, write them down and put them on the birds when they actually pick their pairs.
I just don't know how big of a band with numbers we would need for 6-8 week old cornish crosses, don't know how big they will be.

Thanks for the suggestions,

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