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Jul 24, 2008
Hello everyone,

I would like to start banding my birds to identify them for where they came from or breed them from and age so I can keep a log. Is there some purpose to leg bands other than to identify? What do you use? I am thinking of the metal numbered ones. I am worried the chickens will peck themselves or others. Should I start with banding as chicks? If I only do a few of the birds will the other birds leave it alone or should I separate?

Any comments are appreciated?

thanks cray
I just got some of the plastic "bandettes" for my growing flock. It seems the only sizes being made anymore are 7, 9, 11, and 12 -- none for really small chicks.

I'm banding some of my 7 wk old Leghorn pullets so I know which ones I'm keeping. I've banded my Delawares so I can identify the ones that don't have names. I also plan to band my Silver Penciled Rocks (after they hatch and grow up) so I can keep better breeding records. My Delaware roo is wearing a size 12, the hens are wearing 11, and the Leghorn pullets are in 7 (it's a little big for them but at some point I'll probably have to get larger bands for them).

edited to add: I forgot to mention, Cutler's Supply had the best prices I could find. They were under $10, while Double R, McMurray, and someone else more like $30. I also liked that Cutler's let me choose what range of numbers I wanted.
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I use snap bands from Foy's there ment for pigions but work great on chicks and you can remove the very easy, small for chicks, med for about 4 weeks them they come in mm sizes for different size chickens

reusable too
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I use the plastic 18mm snap/click on type for my heavy breeds. They are really easy to put on and take off. I use leg bands as one barred rock/buff orp can seem the same to the kids and hubby and it makes it easier for them to tell me who is doing what etc.

I put them on when they were about three months old when the bands wouldn't slip too far down the leg. The chicks apart from one quick peck don't even seem to notice them and haven't bothered them at all.

I chose the fluro colours and I must admit they look great on the girls!!!

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