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    Is anyone familiar with leg color genetics ? I am going to cross White to Black colored birds. Not sure if the white is Dominant White or Recessive White ( I don't know their background). I am wanting to create more whites with white pink tinged shank and toes. I was just wondering if will be able to breed out the Black colored shanks and toes from the cross to black birds ? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    I believe you will get White legged birds. I am doing a similar breeding to get my White Orp numbers up. And the lady who gave me the idea talked to a genetics person who said you can take Buff as well to a White and expect White skinned. Now the ultimate test is how will their offspring throw? that is another question for another thread and day. For now I am going to try and do that breeding and hope and see what comes out now and down the road.

    Good luck and let me know how your breeding goes?
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    Quote:I can't breed to buff because I don't have them in this particular breed. I was going to breed the White X Black offspring back to the White, because I have considered that about what the offspring will throw when bred together. I figured it what save lots of time and cull birds by crossing the young back to white...but that is my ideas on the matter. I was just wondering about the leg color though and how many generation it might take or if was a losing battle.
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    What are the two breeds your crossing ???
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    Quote:I am not crossing breeds just color varieties. rosecomb

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