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I came across this older post by Tim...

Originally Posted by tadkerson

1. If you crossed a barred female with a buff male, then the female chicks do not have a head spot and the males do have a head spot.
2 if you breed a barred female to a non barred male -only the male chicks will be barred and the females will not be barred. yellow legs female x male slate legs = all chicks will have slate or blue legs
muffs and beard is an incompletely dominant trait- your female with muffs and beard x no muffs and beard = some muffs and beard chicks and some no muffs and beard


The bolded part caught my attention---is this only with the barring gene? I know barring messes up the dark leg colors, correct?

I have two hens that are an EE/brown leghorn cross. I had both genders of both breeds and never really cared about which parent was which breed....but I was always kind of puzzled by their yellow legs. I thought one dark legged parent would give dark legged offspring. Is there some type of sex linkage here? If you reversed the above, with a yellow legged male over a slate legged female, would they be linked at all? Or is it a 50/50 kind of thing?

I do understand white shanks seem to be dominant, correct? I'm talking about yellow and slate, in this case.

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