Leg color on Barred Rocks


11 Years
May 19, 2009
Richfield, Summit Co.,Ohio
Since I began chicken raising several years ago, I have ordered my day old chicks from a hatchery. They've been terrific, and over the years I've even had 100% success rate on sexing the birds
Today for the first time, I picked up started pullets from the same hatchery. These 4 month old birds do look to be all females, but I'm questioning the breed of what are supposed to be 2 barred rocks. They have the distinctive barred feathers, but one has the yellow legs, and one has white! Any idea what the other one would be? Do Barred Rocks have yellow or white legs?

I've had Welsummers, Wyandottes, EE, Speckled Sussex, Copper Morans, etc., but these are my first Barred Rocks. Thanks for any help on determining if these are indeed the BR!
To Newchicksand ducks: This is just probably some genetic abberation. However, if that same hatchery sells Cuckoo Marans one of the little guys may have changed living quarters or some person by mistake placed it in the wrong group. Barred Rocks do have definite yellow legs with some strains having black spots on the legs. I think Marans have white legs.
Hmm...might have to find out for sure once they start laying. I did notice one bird was darker than the other (dark bird has white legs), but the combs on both of them are similar. I was just curious why the difference in legs. Since I'm not breeding the birds, I'll just enjoy them whatever they are!!

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