Leg/hip problem with peachicks


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Oct 22, 2020
Hi. I find the experiences others share about their flocks and pets is very interesting and helps me make better decisions with my pets. I have a small flock of chickens (8 hens), a small flock of Guineas (9 males and females) and a small flock of Peacocks (2 males and 3 females). These along with my 4 cats, two dogs and fish ponds keeps me very busy when I am not working on my full-time job. I consider my yard birds (as I call my birds) and my fur-babies as the best stress reliever ever. They all have unique personalities and names and I thoroughly enjoy them.

When you have male and female birds, you have eggs that hatch and young chicks to take care of. Because my peahens are allowed to free range during the day, they usually make their nest in areas that are dangerous due to the number of predators in the area. All my birds are locked up in their own coops at night. I pick up any Guinea and Peacock eggs I find and incubate them. One of my peahens laid her last clutch of eggs this year in the Peacock coop. I let her sit on the eggs and hatch them out (4 healthy chicks). I brought the chicks into my hatchery (warm room set up to incubate and raise hatchlings). I feed the peachicks start and grow. They were progressing well until they were about 4 weeks old. I noticed that first one, then a week later another had one leg turn outward from the hip. I tried several of the methods for correcting splayed legs but nothing seems to have worked. One leg on each bird still turns out and affects their ability to walk. I am at a loss for what else to do for them. Straightening the hip and leg on one of the birds seems to hurt the bird. Does anyone have any suggestion for what I can try now? The other two chicks seem to be perfectly healthy and do not have any leg problems. I use pine shavings on the floor of their cages. I have also been giving them a vitamin supplement.

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