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May 21, 2013

I hope the pic loaded, I'm techno challenged. Marigold appears to have scratched herself with a claw and it's gotten infected. We've treated it with peroxide and are keeping her isolated and quiet (fussing with her sisters was not a problem). I'm all ears if anyone has advice or comments. Thanks.
Do you have a rooster that could have cut her with his spurs while trying to mate with her? I would stop the peroxide, and apply some betadine or chlorhexadrene, or plain soap and water. Then coat the wound with plain Neosporin or similar antibiotic ointment twice a day. If the wound was caused by a rooster, I would trim and file his spurs. Keep your hen separated until she begins to heal. Make sure that she is kept from flies, or maggots make infect her wounds.
No, there is no rooster. We have her inside now, trying to keep her quiet for healing. I'll try the neosporin tonight. Thanks for the advice.
I don't see how, but I was out of town and had a friend feeding them in their tractor coop. Her foot has dried blood so that's why I think she injured herself.

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