Leg Problem-Sprained Maybe?


In the Brooder
9 Years
Jun 23, 2010
I have four 10 week New Hampshire hens. I noticed today that one is favoring her left leg/foot. I looked at prior messages to see if it was a break or sprain? She hobbles around on her "knuckle" and that is a little roughed up but I cannot see or feel any breaks or blood. When I pick her up she does not seem to be in pain or squawk and will kick both legs to try and get away. Her feet do not curl though like her good foot does. Her leg has good color and she is eating and drinking. I even saw her climb the ramp to the cooP. Is this a sprain or am I missing something? What would you do? Thanks in advance for any advide you can provide.
Thanks. Should she be isolated? Should she be allowed to walk on it?

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