Leg Problem? What can I Do?


6 Years
Mar 25, 2013
Richland, Indiana
I have three Cornish Cross chickens and two of them seem to be doing just fine. But the three isn' t walking around like he should be. He stays in one place and does use his legs at all. I heard that Cornish Cross chickens can have leg problems, but I don't know how I can help him. Or even if I can help him. I make sure that his food and water are close enough to where he can get them if he wants to. He eats and drinks but he just doesn't walk. What is wrong with him and what can I do to help him?
are is legs stiff or normal? is there any swelling that you can see? there's not paralysis is there? I don't know a lot about this breed. perhaps someone who is familiar with this breed can be of more help. I know sometimes meat birds can grow so fast it can be hard on their limbs do you think this might be the issue? their body will grow faster than the bones can keep up with sometimes but I don't know if that's the issue with this breed.. perhaps someone more familiar can be of more help. in the meantime make sure she can get her food and water and is not picked on. make sure there is no paralysis in the legs. check them for swelling and blood flow. make sure they are not changing colors. have you tried to place her on her legs? if yes what does she do? do they fold under her or will she stand? do the feet curl up or appear normal? a bit more info might help with a better diagnosis . I hope she gets better soon and you can figure it out. best of luck.
I tried to place him on his feet today and his legs just fold under him. His legs appear normal and getting blood flow. There doesn't seem to be any swelling in his legs. He does move them out from under himself every once in a while; he just doesn't stand on them. His feet like normal as well. He doesn't try to put any weight on them if he can help it. Every once in a while he will scoot himself out of the way of my other two Cornish Cross chickens way. I had to recently remove these three chickens away from my easter eggers because they were being picked on pretty bad by the easter eggers.
I've done some reading on Cornish cross; Google Cornish cross chicken can't walk; you can read about this breed. first this WAS the breed I read about growing too fast for there bones to keep up. sometimes if they do walk there legs even break because they have grown so fast for there bones. sadly. after googling I think the articles will
explain it in more detail. so please Google Cornish cross chicken can't walk. you can read what I've read. I hope this helps you out some. good luck to you!
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