Leg Problems, Is She Lying?

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    Sorry if this is under the wrong section but...

    A few weeks ago we sold five of our extra Columbian Rock chickens (now 13 weeks) to a person that seemed pretty nice. It has been about 2 weeks from then and she has texted us with problems. She says all her chickens she bought from us have leg problems. The chickens have crossed legs and can't walk. She said she had to put one down already. She also said she had a vet look at them and the vet said it could be a genetic issue. However, we bought the chickens originally from the hatchery and our other chickens of the same breed have had no problems of the sort. Just infections that are not related So how could it be a genetic issue? Very suspicious. The fact that all of her's are having issues and our's are not is weird. Could she be lying? She hasn't showed any pictures...
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    I mean, if we sold her diseased chickens she deserves her money back, but it is suspicious and sounds like a scam. She says in the first few days of getting them this happened but then why is she texting us two weeks later?
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    What could it be if she is telling the truth?

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