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    Sep 13, 2016
    I need some help. We recently noticed that our 8 week old started turning her leg in. She doesn't seem to be in much pain but she's walking funny. I've picked her up and touched the joint of the leg and everything but I don't understand why her leg is turned in. Is there something I can do for her to help her? I thought about taking her to the vet but like I said she doesn't seem to be in pain. [​IMG]
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    Mar 31, 2014
    Does she or any others show any other signs? What breed? Looks like speckled sussex......?

    Probably genetics. Did you get her from a reputable breeder?

    Could've also occurred during the hatching process.

    Other possibilities would include vitamin deficiency (calcium, B or D), or worst castle senecio, Marek's or New Castles.
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