leg weakness and now head twitching and body spasms


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Dec 14, 2019
Upper Main Arm, NSW, 2482, Australia
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Hello, Mavis is nearly 4 years old, an Isa Brown rescued from the intensive egg laying industry. She's not walked for 6 weeks but otherwise healthy, with good poos, eating and talking very well. In last two weeks she has been able to stand for seconds, then minutes, improving each day, but not walking (this puts her off balance and she falls over). I've had this happen with another hen and treated for EYP (Egg Yolk Periontitis) with antibiotics, herbal mix and drainage of fluid (though with Mavis, she didn't have fluid build up) and she hasn't needed pain killer as has been happy. In last two days, her poos went runny and last night she started having neck twitching regularly and full body spasms less frequently and no longer able to stand. After giving her pain relief (Loxicom) this morning, the spasms have lessened alot. Right now she seems quite calm. I've looked at any other possible causes from Avian Encephalomyelitis to Mycotoxicosis, Encephalomalacia and more. Have eliminated diseases like Mareks etc. Has anyone had similar symptoms in their hen? Looking for any suggestions on research to read or experiences people have had that could help me understanding more about what is happening to Mavis.


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