leg weakness? What should I do?


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Apr 5, 2013
My chick around two months seems to be having a leg issue. Sometimes one leg seems to be more forward than the other when she is laying down. If on a slippery surface one leg slips forward. Can still walk around fine but typically lays down after a short time. Always kind of a weak chick, some balance issues, runt, a little slow to feather, but always got around and got enough to eat. What should I do? I have been trying to give her more fruits and veggies, seems like it might be a vitamin issue? I have heard this can happen when they grow up on a slippery surface too, but her cage has towels and woodchips. I've been gone for two weeks so its possible I missed something happening :( she wasn't laying down so much before..
I would start right away on vitamin B complet and D3...I have a rooster in this situation but he wont walk anymore..just on his hocks..I am trying to figure out dosage tho but it seems to help so far...otherwise it is Mareks disease.. :(
I was planning on adding some extra vitamins. If it was mareks shouldn't some of the other chicks around her be showing symptoms? What products should I get for chicken vitamin supplements?
Also I just double checked and the chick in question was vaccinated for mareks.
I am dealing with the same issue...I bought human grade vitamins and I crush him some B complex and some D3 1000ui because NOWHERE can I find dosage. he gets this morning and night. He also gets cod fish oil capsules...he if finally looking stronger..seems to be putting weight on toes more and more but only since I added D3..

its very hard if it is vitamin deficiency because there isnt that much info out there.

Most likely that is what you are dealing with. Not Marek..my hens also dont show any signs at all..eggs production and energy is all great.

I crush the pills and put in grapes..or something they like a lot..water melon etc. He just gulps it.

I hope it works out. They say if you catch soon enough it can be reversed..

I am going to find a regular multi vitamin to add to their food for sure..but giving it a lots of vitamins for 10 days should help a lot!

I am still learning here...hope it helps someone else!
I think there is one vet who will see chickens but I'm hoping I can correct it myself. I took some pictures of her tonight. I noticed that when she walks she often accidentally steps on one of her feet. Still no issues standing or getting anywhere but after about 30 seconds she usually lays down, instead of just standing in that area.


here are two pictures of her laying with one leg forward.


and two of her standing and walking.
Also as per a different post about weak legs I am waiting for poly-vi-sol to come in. It's a multi-vitamin for toddlers. Someone else said it did wonders for their roo who couldn't stand.

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