Leg won't bear weight: Hawk Strike Injury


Apr 18, 2019
New Hampshire, USA
Yesterday, one of my young Olive Eggers was injured in a hawk strike. My husband heard her screaming and I ran out and scared off the hawk. The poor hen (Enid, the nicest and gentlest of the four Olives) had a single slice through the skin of her left breast, which I treated and have wrapped up, but her right leg won't bear weight.

It doesn't appear to be broken anywhere, all of the joints work easily, and from what I can feel, all of the tendons are still in place. She can move her toes (she was holding onto my finger hard enough to pinch, while I was trying to wrap her leg up to her body to keep her from continuing to try to use it), but the foot and leg are noticeably colder than her left.

Right now she's inside my basement, lying down propped up on a pile of bedding (in an open-topped plastic bin) with water, food, and one of her buddies, but I don't know what else to do.

How can I tell where her leg is injured?

(ETA: All the other hens are under cover and were uninjured. For now, until we figure out how to suspend orange netting over their full run, they'll remain under cover in the covered run. Given that it's currently really cold and windy, they're mostly okay with that, but they clearly miss the choice to go out and poke around.)


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