Legal to kill hawk in GA?

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by AndersonFolk, Sep 12, 2011.

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    I raise this question because after 5 months of letting my girls out to free range around 4pm and at night fall, they make their way back to their shed. So Saturday we finally had one come up missing... [​IMG]
    Saturday I let them out around 9am; around 5:30 I left the house and before I left, I did a head count and everyone was there. I was gone 20 minutes, and upon my return I noticed one gone... As I walk around the yard I noticed a small hawk, which I think may have been a Cooper Hawk or a Chicken Hawk, fly off the dead girl’s body. As upsetting as it may be, I understand this is part of having free range chickens and even harder to keeping it from happening.

    What is funny about it is, I sat on the porch and watch two massive red tail hawks circling above, but as they circled, they drifted farther and farther away; almost like they didn't care.
    It's those fast, small little hawks that seem to be the problem; of course I'm sure any hawk would get them, but like I stated above, I know it was a Cooper or Chicken hawk I saw fly off and I didn't have my shotgun.

    My Uncle told me in Alabama it is legal to kill ANY hawk as long as you can prove its killing your chickens. So my question is, does any know if the same law or rules apply in Georgia?
    Our house, legally, is in the city (on 3 acres), but ever neighboring house running east is county. Everyone is like me, 3+ acres of land with 1,000 acres bordering the rear of the property that is nothing but trees. It’s like we live in the country with all the land around us.... and we are a small town.
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    I don't think it is legal to kill any BOP in any state, but if they're killing your chickens, I believe you have a right to defend your property and not sure who will actually tell on you.
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    It isn't legal even if you're protecting livestock, sorry.

    Besting thing you can do is either hang up CD's or get some netting over the chickens.
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    It's not legal anywhere in the US, Birds of Prey (BOP) are federally protected.
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    I thought it was illegal, figured I'd ask... Never trust crazy uncles!
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    Oct 19, 2009
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    You're not alone. [​IMG] I was once convinced by someone that killing them was legal as long as you're protecting livestock. Good thing I never did. . . .

    But, you know, you don't have to give up such wonder as free-ranging. Although it looks tacky, I put up a metal wire over the place with CD's adorned that blow and wiggle in the wind, works wonders!
  8. AndersonFolk

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    I may just do that!

    It is the first time this has happened, which I knew it would sooner or later. We have 4 massive couple hundred year old oaks in our front yard with a magnolia tree that is over 50' tall and the bottom limbs are on the ground, so 99% of the time they are hidden from predators.
    Now that a few are laying eggs they venture from the front yard where they are covered, to the back where they house is. I guess while being in the open going back to lay she got picked off.
  9. Sir Birdaholic

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    My turkeys chase away any hawk that lands in the barn lot, & my Doberman chases them out of the rest of the yard. The hawks don't stand a chance. [​IMG]
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