Legbar & auto-sexing


7 Years
Jan 13, 2013
North Carolina
Recently re-started my flock completely. I moved to a new property (Marek's found it's way onto my old one) and half half a dozen chicks from Meyers (2 weeks old on Monday - mixed lot although I got a hen/roo pair of the same breed). Starting on the new chicken coop next week. Locally(ish) anyway, I came across someone who has some Greenfire farm crested legbars and considering picking up a pair or trio (they're about 12 weeks old).

I all ready have an isolation coop for the legbars until I can get all the chicks grown and integrated (or potentially even build 2x coops rather than one large one)... After all that rambling - my question is:

If I put a Faverolle roo over a legbar hen down the road, will the chicks from this be sex linked? Does it work the other way around? Say if I put the legbar roo over a marans? For the most part, I'll likely keep the breeds true (Salmon Faverolles and Cream Legbars) but eventually will likely create some mutts for my barnyard flock just to have some egg color variety and still not grasping how the sex-link thing works really.

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