Leghorn comb is crusty

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Chihuahua Mama

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May 23, 2019
I have 3 white leghorns who all have droopy and scabby combs. They are eating, playing and laying eggs. I noticed the scabs around the oldest leghorn’s comb when she started laying. Now that the younger 2 are laying, their combs are droopy and scabby. The other layers ( not leghorns) have perfect combs. Is there a connection with comb health and laying specific to leghorns?
Droopy/flopped over combs is normal for Leghorns. Crusty/scabby though is cause for a little concern. If they just dry you can put some vaseline on them that help.
Can you post a couple of pictures of what you are seeing? Scabs can be from pecking or fowl pox, but hard to know without seeing it. A flopped over comb can be normal sometimes, or a sign of dehydration.

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