Leghorn Crosses not as flighty?


11 Years
Aug 8, 2008
Thinking Leghorn for egg-laying ability, but don't like all the stories I hear about how flighty they are.

Would Leghorn crosses be better suited to the urban backyard and show good petability?
I have had great luck w/california whites. they are a california grey and leghorn hybrid. They are NOT flighty and very curious birds. They follow me like puppy dogs and eat out of my hands. they lay very well also, an off white color
cool... California Whites. Do you have any pics?

Wonder if anyone has a California White-Leghorn-Other cross, say a red or buff color?
search "welp hatchery" they have a good picture of them. I wish i had about 50 of them. They look alot like leghorns but they are quiet and curious. they eat out of my hands and follow me around.

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