leghorn hasnt laid eggs for weeks, comb is purple, is looking fluffed up or bigger, not herself

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May 5, 2015
I have two brown leghorns,and a little bantom rooster, Dougall, Kris and Robbie. Robbie is the sick one.
She had a healthy demeanor up until about 3 days ago. For the 2 weeks I have owned her she has never laid eggs and has always had a floppy comb. She now lies around a lot when she used to dig in the garden. (Can a chicken eat too many worms?) I looked into the possibilty of egg bound already, and am uncertain, but didnt feel any eggs near her cloaca. She had a warm bath and blow dry, but looks worse today. Today her comb turned purple at the tips, and she was lying down almost all day and has abnormal breathing. Is there any way I can save this chicken? Is she contagious? I am grateful for any suggestions!! Please and thankyou!!
I would separate her from the others for sure. Could it be worms? internal egg laying? I have no answer just things it could be. I had a hen just die Sunday and took a downturn really fast. I did not have a comb problem though.
Thanks. Internal laying perhaps but hopefully not. She eats, drinks, and poops like normal. Tonight she is open mouth breathing. Sorry for your hen too:(

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