Leghorn in trouble..plz help!!

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    May 15, 2009
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    I have 3 leghorn hens that are about 3 months old. One of the girls tends to get picked on a little more than the other two by our RIR girls. We separated them from the RIR but one of them jumps the fence and comes to the area where we keep the babies. She just tends to want to hang out with them (I think the other girls are mean to her). Anyway.......Mon or Tues night, I saw the leghorn running across the yard. When she got to the fence she just collapsed. I really thought she was dying. She was gasping for breath and had her eyes closed. I moved her into the house (ewww). When she tries to stand, she falls over and her toes curl under. Sometimes when I check on her, she's laying on her side and other times she's sitting down. I've been giving her water and poly-vi-sol through a syringe. I did notice her eating a little bit this morning. What could be wrong with her? I was wondering if she could have some sort of head injury from the RIR picking on her. She doesn't seem to be getting worse but she's also not getting any better.

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