Leghorn just sitting on the golf ball?


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Mar 17, 2016
Fort Collins Colorado
My leghorns are 22 weeks, auracanas are 23. 1 LH had been sitting in the nesting box on a golf ball for a couple of hours. She looked hot so I put some water closer to her. Is that normal?? Just got our first 2 shelless eggs this morning,pretty sure from the Auras Another LH is squawking like crazy, but hasn't laid yet... super squawking! This is my first time, man that squawking sounds painful! It's definitely the bugawk of laying time. Soooo, is the one LH broody? And is the other just practicing, and is that just what they do?
She is coming into lay....Leghorns do not usually become broody. Give her time to get the kinks out. Young pullets need time to get into the swing of egg laying.
Are you providing oyster shell and layer pellets? Shell less eggs do happen though in young layers till the body adjusts.

And don't be surprised if you find eggs all over the run/coop when they start, sometime they don't make it to the laying box in time. Sorta like giving birth in the back of the car on the way to the hospital. :)

New layers like to drive you insane
. some will hang out in the nest box for hours, just cause it's cozy or who knows why. It's not broodiness as a rule, they're just trying to figure things out.

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