Leghorn losing feathers with scabs


6 Years
Sep 24, 2013
We have 5, 7-month old hens who have just started to lay. 2 Buff Orpingtons, 2 Brown Leghorns and 1 Ameraucana. One of our leghorns seems to be missing quite a few feathers on her backside. A week ago, she had a few open wounds, and while those have healed (we put her in a seperate area during the day), she is much more bald in that spot (right above her tail feathers). We have not noticed anyone pecking her, but we are concerned it is more than the others establishing pecking order. We have seen her rub her head against that area that is missing feathers.

Any advise you have would be helpful!

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I think that she'll be fine. Just continue to watch for signs of picking by the other chickens. If she gets picked on, isolate her until her feathers grow back in. The feathers will probably start growing back in within a couple weeks, but they might not grow in until she molts.

Just to make sure that something isn't causing her feathers to not grow in, check her for mites. Mites and lice can irritate the skin, causing feather loss, as well as damageing existing feathers. Check near the vent, under the wings, beneath the tail feathers, and all over the body. If you see any small black, moving specks or yellowish moving specks, she has mites or lice. Treat with Sevin Dust, a mite spray like Poultry Protector, or (if you're not eating any eggs), Frontline for dogs and cats.

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