Leghorn not laying at 30 weeks


8 Years
Oct 11, 2011
My White Leghorn is 30 weeks old tomorrow and has still not layed her first egg. She hasn't ever squatted, but if very afraid of people so I'm not sure if she will. She has a smi-big red comb. Will she still lay? Is she just very late?
Can you post a recent picture of her? Is it possible that she is hiding her nest? I don't think this is common in in Leghorns, but I know other breeds can go around 1year old before they start to lay. Game breeds can go longer than 1year old before laying a egg. I think she could have her own reasons for not laying. Unless she is a he then she should start pretty soon, but on rare occasions a hen might not ever lay or more commonly (mostly hear of it in hatchery birds) be internal layers or have some kind of laying problem.
I'll try to take a picture of her. Don't worry, I'm one hundred percent sure she's a girl. She is from a hatchery- McMurray.

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