Leghorn Question


11 Years
Sep 21, 2008
I am new here and have a question about one of my 2 yo Leghorns.

I feel silly because I never noticed before that one of my 4 Leghorn hens has yellowish ears rather than the pearly white like the other 3.

Is this just a variation of the breed? It isn't any infection, the color is just a yellowish hue.

Also, her comb is small and single, not flopped over like the others.

Thanks for any information.

Not real sure but it could be an individual thing, maybe she's just a little different. Or she could be a mix or another breed entirely. If you post pics we might be able to tell.

Happy chickening!
In all likelihood she's a leghorn. Some, particularly production bred birds, will have a yellow lobe. That along with her small erect comb would be problems in a show Bird but are irrelevant in a production bird.
Both of my leghorn's ears looks kind of greenish!
they are only 22 weeks old.

They lay white eggs.. so... I guess they just have green ears! lol!

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