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Mar 25, 2009
Been watching ebay a lot lately and seen some adds for lemon blue wyandottes and orps. I read over the auctions to see that they are just breeding buff over blue and calling them lemon blues. Well I sent them an email explaining that this will not make the color lemon blue figuring that maybe they would change the listing title. All I got in response was a thanks and no change in the title. To me this is a false advertisement for the less informed. It just kinda irritates me!
Lemon Blue Cochin
That's an overly colored Lemon Blue, quite likely a "golden" with blue. (both gold and silver genes)

To the standard in recognized Lemon Blue birds, and genetically speaking, it is supposed to be a Brown-Red/Birchen with blue. Kind of like a Black Copper, but with blue (and without the mahogany)

The whole body should be blue but for the head/neck is yellow in females, in males the head/neck, saddle, and shoulders are yellow.
I was just trying to show something similiar to an orpington with the coloration, that was the only one I could find. Here are some of MY lemon blues OE.



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But the one you posted was the fake type ones like encorepistol is talking about, the Blue and Buff crosses. A Blue Copper Marans is the only true "Lemon Blue" Large fowl that we have have here int the US I believe. So picture a Orp, Cochin, or Wyandotte with the same color as the Blue Copper Marans is what a true Lemon Blue would look like. But there arent even any true Brown Reds of the Orps or Wyandottes in the US so there couldnt be any true Lemon Blues of these breeds.

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