Lemon Porcelain as a color, what is the genetic makeup for this?


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I have D' Uccles and Booted Bantams. I have seen this lemon porcelain color and have no clue what the necessary color combinations are for getting it. Can one of you gurus clue me in?
I had thought this in the back of my mind but without validation I just filed the thought away until a later date

I think the color is lovely and I was very curious to know if anyone could enlighten me.
Add lavender to mille fleur and you get porcelain. The buff colour of the mille is diluted to a straw colour wile the black is diluted to a pale blue colour.

As to lemon porcelain? That would be a further dilution of the straw, presumably by Di, Cb or ig. With the straw as pale as it usually is, a further dilution seems like it would blend into the white.
And the computer posted that reply before I was finished typing

I believe this may be another issue of a variety being called one thing in one country and something else in another.

In the US, the lavender diluted mille fleur pattern is called porcelain. In at least parts of europe the undiluted mille fleur pattern is called porcelain.

The photo that I found of "lemon porcelain" was a European bird; the buff/bay was strongly diluted (to lemon), but the black was not diluted.

So, lavender wouldn't work. You'd need Di, Cb or ig.
HMMM, I am not familiar with the abbreviations, sorry. I am one of those poorly educated in the art of poultry color genetics. I am trying hard to learn but would so much appreciate a simplified laymans breakdown
Forgive me, I have much to learn.

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