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    I've made a huge mistake with my first hatch and I'm sharing this with you so hopefully none of you will not get caught out like I was.

    I've set my eggs and checked the temperature all the time, throughout the incubation period. I've noticed that sometimes the temperature was way out of the range it was supposed to be in, so I adjusted the thermostat accordingly. The incubator was a still air one with the heat source (lightbulbs) in the back. Only the front row of eggs hatched. Lesson #1 Use a small fan to blow the air around. And don't put the eggs directly under the bulbs. They dried out completely.

    I borrowed another incubator from a friend, this time with a little computer fan. A well made little number which he'd used very succesfully. I tested it and the temperature was all over the place, too high, too low. Phoned the guy, he didn't understand it. Then DH had a brainwave. He took the fancy thermometer he uses to brew beer and put it next to the one I've been using. In the room, in the fridge, finally in the incubator. The one I've been using was out by 35-39 degrees! It wasn't the thermostat, it was the thermometer that was inaccurate. Lesson #2 make sure your thermometer is accurate! Don't use a cheap rubbish one like the one I have. Rather get a more expensive one. It's worth it.

    Happy hatching!
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    Sounds like good advice to me!!
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    Excellent advice.

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