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Apr 22, 2013
New to the Backyard Chickens group.

I have 9 Crested Cream Legbar chickens, in 2 separate groups plus 1 CL roo I separated because he has too much chestnut. He has 2 Buff Orpington and 1 Black Jersey Giant hens to keep him company. Also 10 just hatched this past weekend CL chicks, 7 pullets and 3 cockerels. .

I have 8 Peafowl, that I hatched from eggs. They are all very tame and will eat from your hand.

I have 1 Jardine's Parrot. Her name is Floyd.

I breed and occasionally show APHA Paint horses. My stallion is a Superior WP horse, ROM NA WP, and World Champion Producer! He also is the 3rd generation of my breeding program. I have 4 AQHA mares that I breed to him and raise foals from. I also stand him to the public.

Plus have a group of AKC Australian Shepherds.

I am married to my best friend, have 2 adult daughters and a 4 month old granddaughter.

My husband works out of town a lot he is an Operating Engineer and mostly works Natural Gas Pipeline.

I am an IBEW electrician for 27 yrs, and am very tired of electrical work.

I am very interested in the European self sexing breeds of chickens. I am thinking I would enjoy learning to show chickens. I have shown rabbits, dogs, and horses and the mule.
Greetings from Kansas, shallowbrook, and
! Great to have you aboard! Good luck to you and your flock!
Welcome! I'm also interested in the CCL breed. Auto sexing and blue eggs all in one! Unfortunately I don't have any yet and DH would shoot me if I spent that kind of money on chickens! So for now I'll have to wait!
I just love the CL I have been selling hatching eggs on ebay. The price seems to have dropped some the past week. Do you like incubating eggs?
Hi Shallowbrook, and Welcoe! I saw you on the hatch-a-long due 4/26. I have Cream Legbars in my incubator that will hatch Saturday.

Did you hatch your won chicks or did you get some to add to your own flock? What types of egg colors do you have? You should go over to one of the Cream Legbar threads under Breeds, Genetics and Shoeing and introduce yourself. I know everyone would love to hear about your Legbars!

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