Let me tell you about my chickens.....

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    LOL. Can you tell I'm excited?! I have 4 of the 9 chicks I started with in mid-March and have enjoyed every day (well, except for the midnight raccoon massacre that happened at 8 wks old!).

    One BR, one RIR and BR mix and 2 EE and I am finally getting eggs. The RIR started about 3 weeks ago and one of the EE just last week and today I got my first green egg, number 3 girl's first egg!

    I've been letting them out to free range for a few weeks now and leave them out the whole day. When I go out to check on them I'll call "Chickenees!" and they come running. So used to me giving them treats, I guess. They don't wander far and are getting fat off the bugs they find.

    They also kick up the forgotten leaves on the edges of the yard (that I'm too lazy to rake!) so now the leaves are very easy to rake and dispose of. If I get off my butt to do it, that is!

    Just wanted to report what a pleasure this has been and thank everyone for all the advise and encouragement I've received in this forum.

    Hooray for chickens!!
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