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    I'm hoping everyone will post what they were doing and feeling 11 years ago. Let's show we will never forget with our words and our thoughts. On other sites people just re post pictures that say they will never forget and to me that seems so detached. Let's truly show we will never forget.

    I was sitting here and thinking back 11 years ago. I was laying on my couch still recovering from the birth of Jenna. I was napping and my mom had the TV on and when the first plane hit she got me up and we watched and has the second plane hit I grabbed Jenna and hugged her tight and cried. I thought what is this world that I brought my little girl into where people could do that to other people. Then when I saw the pure sacrifice of some people for others I thought there's still hope. I hugged her for a very long time. I remember just a few days after so many flags and support going up all around. As Americans we can throw differences to the side and stand united together. Keep this going. God bless us all and keep the ones who have lost their lives with Him in His Kingdom safe. Amen

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    My first instinct was to go hide my only child really. I was so in shock that something like that could happen here that I wanted to hide away with my little family. It was so upsetting that I my 2 week pregnancy ended. That was my initial response. It was abject fear. Then I got mad. Then there was sadness. I remember sitting there crying surrounded by my family. My dad was at work and he must have flew home because he was there before we knew it. My husband stayed home and worked. We watched and waited and recycled those feelings over and over.

    After that it was pride in our people. It was determination. It felt like a wake up call that the world was not just knocking on our door but knocking it down. I went on to have another child the day before the first anniversary of the attack. I felt I brought her into a stronger country for what we had endured.

    Our family started to change everything about how we lived. To be come less concerned with material things and more concerned with family and security. How can we as a people go through something like that and not change. Its impossible. My only fear is that someday this will be forgotten. We need to remember not just the people, but what we as a people are all about.
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    I remember disbelief when I turned on the T.V. just in time to see the second plane hit live. When I found out that it was the second plane, and then that a plane had hit the Pentagon, it just seemed never ending! There seemed to be conflicting, unconfirmed reports coming from everywhere. The Pennsylvania crash was finally confirmed. It felt relentless, like WW 2 London must have felt like during the blitz.

    The cameras were always focused on the towers, they kept replaying the plane crashing in. It was like being attacked over and over and over... Still the towers burned. I knew they were full of people, civilians and firefighters. Having been a paramedic, I knew I would have been there, doing what I could. It's in your blood. I wept, I prayed, and then the first tower fell, and with it, my heart. When the second tower fell, I stopped watching. I knew the loss of life would be beyond my imagination, and I just couldn't cope anymore.

    I had survived a near-fatal accident about 20 years before. I've heard it said that those of us that have done so, are never again bothered by a false sense of security. Boy was that true that day, that week, month ...

    None of us will ever quite be the same. Oh sure, things may look like they've gotten back to normal. But look at how much paranoia and hatred of people from the Middle East there is. No, we won't ever forget, or be the same again!

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