Lethargic and thin white poop


Jun 6, 2020
Got 6 chicks from TSC 1.5 weeks ago and one of the Salmon Faverelles is lethargic, sleeping standing up, not interested in food or water or electrolyte water. Just stands and sleeps or maybe walks a few steps and then repeats. Apricot is in her one box now and doesn’t care that she is separated (usually they peep real loud). No pasty butt, no eye wetness, no breathing sounds, no sneezing. She finally laid down to sleep and has another poop behind her: water circle surrounding a white spot. The white is not solid, reminds of a paint drop as it soaks into the paper towel. Any thoughts?
They are in a box on top of a heat mat. It was 90 here yesterday, very warm in the garage and the heat mat has an automatic thermostat, keeping the box at about 85-90 degrees. They also have space that is not on top of the mat to move to if they are too hot and a little “chick hut” doghouse kinda thing that they can go into if they are too cold. They have used all the spaces at varying times throughout the last week and a half. Now Apricot is in a little box on the heat mat with it covered up so it stays nice and warm and keeps her isolated.

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