Lethargic and Wobbly Hen

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    My little butterscotch is a BO hen, she is over 30 weeks old and has been laying eggs for me for quite some time. In the past week she doesn't want to eat, drink, walk or do much at all. She can hardly walk but she does run away and flap her wings when my silly rooster Jack mates her, at least she did yesterday and the day before. So I'm guessing that rules out Mareks, which is good for me. Though her eyes do look the slightest bit cloudy, not perky or alert like the others. I have seen her drink but that's when I put her right by the water and sit there for ten minutes, in that time she drank herself twice. Other than that I've forced a tiny bit of water down her each day, but I've never seen her eat. She does move around though, I placed her on the perch and I saw her in a nest box snoozing, and the next day in a corner snoozing. I've seen her gasp a few times, but not often, she can breath fine from what I can tell. She is not egg bound and her crop is practically empty.

    Any ideas? If videos of her will help you, I'll record them.
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  3. Firearia

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    Jul 12, 2010
    sorry not much help... any sign of any injury? what are her poops like? Is she skinny or healthy weight? anyone else showing any signs??
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    She seems under weight, I haven't seen her poop. I might have to bring her in and regulate that. No others are showing signs. It's okay, thanks for helping. Silly enough I didn't think of those factors.

    EDIT: I've Isolated her and it seems she has been pooing. There is a bunch of green poo on her tail feathers and it really smells. Eww. I'm going to clear it up later and check her vent, it wasn't like this a few days ago. I'm happy that at least she is pooing.
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    It's okay, she died anyways.

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