Lethargic chick, 4 days old


*A Scrambled Egg*
14 Years
Feb 8, 2009
I have a RIR chick that just isn't acting like the others, she isn't being picked on or anything but it seems like all she does is sleep, she eats well and drinks but just seems to out of it. I got her at the feed store but they got her in from Ideal, we're in Texas so it wasn't a super long time they were in the mail. I gave her scrambled eggs but is there anything else I can do for her?
Tried everything in the book but she died last night, think it was failure to thrive, she was the smallest so it would make sense. Everyone else in the brood are doing well. Thank you for your answer though!
Sorry to hear about your loss. Sometimes they just aren't meant to make it. Considering the number of chicks the major hatcheries produce it's a very small percentage.

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