lethargic chicken not eating

chickita isa brown

10 Years
Sep 30, 2009
I let the chickens out as normal this morning and my little isa brown seemed a little slow in getting going. but she went out into the run and they all went over to feed. this afteernoon I checked on them and she seemed very lethargic just standing around not looking for tasty morsels or doing her chicken thing. She appears not to have eaten anything today and has passed some poo whitish in colour, she is drinking but not interested in food. Being relatively new to chickens I looked online at differnet sites to try and find an answer. I thought she may be egg bound so as per guidance I popped her in a basin of warm water which she seemed to enjoy but has not passed an egg. SHe is now sleeping in a box by the radiator and has passed some white poo. Can you give me some advice, she has no sign of mites or lice but I dont know what to try next to help her. Her comb is normal eyes and beak are clear and breathing normally. If you go to her box she perks up and watches you but does not run away and allows you to lift her easily without a fight.


13 Years
May 26, 2009
Western MA
That sounds like how my girl acted when she was egg bound. How long did she stay in the water? She may need more time to relax and let the egg down. Do you have a sense of when she last laid an egg?

I would try to coax her to eat something too, even if it is just a favorite treat.

Poor girl! I hope she is OK!

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