lethargic chicken what can i do??

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    Polly is a 1 1/2 year old barrred rock.

    She started showing signs of not feeling well yesterday but was still moving around normally all be it slower so I figured Id keep an eye on her.

    Well today she is just standing around NOT her normal self!

    SO I brought her inside and gave her a tablespoon of olive oil and a Tablespoon of epson salt diluted in water (1T epsom salt diluted in 1 cup of water then she had one Tablespoon of that mixture) then soaked her in a warm epson salt bath, that she fell asleep in.

    She has pooped but it is pretty much just water.

    Her crop feels spongey and I have been massaging it and it has gone down.

    Her vent is pulsating but is doing it slower than usual.

    Do you know what is wrong with her and what else I should do??

    Thank you [​IMG]
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    You say her crop feels spongy? Does it feel like it is full of air, liquid or gas? Has she made any improvements compared to yesterday? Have you considered egg bound? Have you checked her vent for a stuck egg? But it sounds like she might have a sour crop. If you think she has a sour crop issue, then you can try the home remedies. As long as she is pooping, even if it is a tiny bit, then do not give her any oils. Oils are good for an impacted crop, but are hard on the digestion.

    Offer her soft foods only for a while like hard boiled egg, or yogurt. Don't offer any hard foods like seeds. They are too hard on the digestion right now. She needs to eat as often as she will eat. Put raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar in her water, 3 tablespoons in a gallon. If you only have the regular apple cider vinegar, that will work for now. The ACV will help combat the yeast/fungal infection if she does indeed have a soured crop. It won't hurt her if she doesn't have a sour crop.

    Keep her warm. Sick birds get cold very easily and will slow a crop completely down. So keep her inside or under a red heat lamp at night. If she is not eating she will lose weight and also get cold.

    If her crop gets really large and smushy gushy, you will need to "vomit" her to get all the poison out. Hold her under one arm and support her well. Lean her forward while massaging her crop and let her vomit the contents of her crop up. Only hang her down like this for no more than 10 sections so she can breath. Give her a break and do it again. You won't get it all out, but it will get the worst of it out.

    It can take a week to several weeks to over come a sour crop. So keep up with this program until she heals. Good luck with your girl. [​IMG]
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    Thank you soo much for your reply!!! that helps so much Im thinking it is sour crop.

    Her crop felt more like it was full of fluid and has gone down now.

    I checked her vent and didnt feel any eggs, I only felt to my second knuckle is that far enough? I was afraid it would hurt her [​IMG]

    I fed her some yogurt with a dropper and she ate some of that excitedly the same with water she isnt going over to eat or drink on her own but will take it from me..

    Thanks again!!

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