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    Oct 26, 2015
    I have a buff brahma who I noticed late this afternoon is very lethargic. She stands in one place, not moving, and closes her eyes a lot. She's not eating or drinking, though I just got a little water and a little kefir into her by syringe. I checked to see if she's egg bound, but she's not. She has diarrhea - it's white and watery. Don't think it's sour crop - no foul smelling breath, no gargling and crop does not seem engorged. Her name is Stella - our first chicken. Really don't want her to die - she's my girl :( any advice or thoughts are greatly appreciated... Thanks in advance.
  2. I have a bantam cochin who just went through the same thing. I took her to the vet(they treat chickens) and she received a shot of antibiotics and they gave me tylosin powder as well to help with her diarrhea. Within a day she was noticeably better and now 5 days later diarrhea is gone and she is eating/drinking normally and back to her spunky self! If you do not have a vet, maybe someone on BYC with experience can recommend meds to help? Good luck with your girl and hoping for a speedy recovery!

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