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    Jul 9, 2016
    Hi folks, i've searched and read many Q&A on the site about sick chickens, lethargic chickens, chickens with retracted necks, but a pic is worth a thousand words so i'm asking if given these symptoms: lethargic, retracted neck, DOES eat and drink, is on day 2 of Sulfadimethoxine and yogurt in her crumble, does this sound/look familiar?
    What i noticed initially is she couldn't jump 5 inches to get back into her coop and she's a little shaky on her feet. she's thin in general (though you can't tell from this picture).

    this was her poop yesterday[​IMG]

    any thoughts? THANKS hallie
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    Sep 20, 2015
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    How old is she?
    When was the last time she laid an egg, was it normal, any problems laying eggs?
    Has she been wormed?
    Is her abdomen swollen, hard, soft, squish, fluid filled?

    She could be suffering from an internal laying /reproductive disorder like Peritonitis, Ascities or even cancer/tumors.

    You can offer some poultry vitamins to help give her a boost. If she is seems slow, lethargic and not feeling well, she may also benefit from extra protein - offer scrambled/hard boiled egg, tuna, mackerel or meat.


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